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Selling your catamaran or trimaran in Australia has its advantages and selling with Just Multihulls opens you up to a whole new market.

The Just Multihulls sales team in conjunction with the DBY Boat Sales network consists of  satisfied buyers, sellers and marine professionals around the world established over 35 years.

Catamarans and Trimarans Sold by Just Multihulls can be viewed here

Just Multihulls, a DBY Partner

10 Reasons to Sell with Just Multihulls

1. Professional and passionate multihull brokers working for you.  We’ve traveled the world cruising with our kids and families as well as chasing national and world titles across the globe on catamarans and trimarans.  We’ve personally experienced the benefits of owning multihulls and believe in all they have to offer.

2. Provide you with realistic advice on pricing, boat presentation, closing procedures and expectations.

3. It’s proven that 90% of consumers start their research on the internet and your boat is accessible on 7 listings sites.  We invest in our internet marketing knowing its key to our business success.

4. Social Media continues to be an excellent tool for selling.  Our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube pages keep us in the loop with the mulithull network around the world as well as bring updates on your boat to the public.

5. The Just Multihull and DBY Boat Sales database is an accumulation of over 30 years in the business.  Our e-newsletters and targeted emails definitely help us find the buyer looking for a boat just like yours.

6. Professional photo services and video are available when you list with DBY.

7. Print ads still work. Not every type of boat will sell in a print ad but there is a niche for reaching the non-techy buyer.

8. Whether you need a mooring, a boat cleaning, surveyor, rigging specialist, insurance or more, we’re here to help you.  Our network of marine services is expansive and anything we can do to make the sale simple for you helps everyone.

9. International assistance with Just Multihulls is like no other. Our long established relationships abroad with the marine and yachting community comes in handy.   We’re contacted by clients for everything from the weather, routing, importation and crew..

10. Our best advertising is the multihull clients that continue coming back.  They find us across continents sometimes.  If we sold them a boat in Europe or the States, we often find them on our doorstep in Sydney years later.  We’re so grateful when we get to help them a second, third or fourth time.

Sell Your Boat

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