New HH Performance Luxury Catamarans for Sale

HH Catamarans – Innovative Performance Cruising and Comfort

“An extrodinary blend of brains, beauty and performance”

      • Passionate and award winning design and production team
      • State of the art production build facility and professional builders
      • Innovative and world class multihulls

Design and Build Dream Team

Designed by America’s Cup winning designers Morrelli and Melvin for all of our boats, because performance is the backbone of each model.

Our catamarans are comfortable for cruising, but all are able to ‘kick it up a notch’ and move with speed when needed.

It’s truly the next generation of cruising multihulls and a stand out in its class…

HH 66 Build Story

Multihull Magazine published the story “Made in China” following the evolution of the HH 66 from design to assembly.

Click on the  links below for full story and reviews…

Check out Multihulls Magazine’s HH 66 “Made in China” build story of the HH 66 Cruising Catamaran here

Read Seatimehorse Magazine’s review of the HH 66 Performance Cat here

Watch the HH 66 Super Cat Coming Out of the Molds and Fly through the Hudson Factory here

HH Customisation – Something for Everyone

The HH Catamaran X factor is all encompassing transcending interior layouts, options and design.

Yes, it’s an America’s Cup pedigree with state of the art build material and performance design but it’s also much much more.

Head here for a quick glance at the HH customisation

New HH Performance Luxury Catamarans for Sale

HH 55 Oceans Catamaran

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HH 55 Performance Catamaran

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HH 66 Super Cat

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HH 66 Oceans Catamaran

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