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So you are thinking about one day cruising around the world or buying a second hand boat in Europe, the Caribbean or Pacific and sailing home to Australia? DBY Boat Sales are specialists in the logistics, from beginning to end, of putting your international cruising dream together. Save thousands of dollars but more importantly months, […]

Waterhouse’s win Hobie 16 Grand Masters International Cup

Rod and Kerry Waterhouse from Australia win the Hobie Grand Masters International Cup after a previous victory in the Masters Class only a few days previously. Rod shared his thoughts on the event. “The race was called off for the day which leaves us leading which is fantastic and I’m really pleased to get this […]

HH 66 Catamaran – Assembly and Production Line

HH Catamarans continue to share their story in building the first HH 66s in China. Now is the pointy end of the build where processes, costs, labour and effeciency are truly fine-tuned to make this luxury cruising machine affordable and within budget. This is just as important for the business to continue building extraordinary cruising […]

HH 66 – Made in China – Assembly Stage 2

The build story for the HH performance cruising catamaran continues! The second stage of assembly makes clear the planning, perfection and hard work that goes into the HH catamaran design and build process. HH strives to  create a balance in keeping with tradition using  hand tools and extraordinary joinery work and breaking tradition in finding […]

Spirited 380 Cruising Catamaran Review – Multihull Worlds 2014

That’s the Spirit! There’s not much more we can say about this beautiful cruising cat!  The Multihull World magazine review did a great job giving attention and credit where it’s due for this fabulous Aussie built and designed boat. “THE SPIRITED 380 DESIGN BY SPIRITED DESIGNS HAS HAD A LOT OF PRESS already and has […]

Jason Waterhouse Receives Land Rover Above and Beyond Award at the Extreme 40 Singapore Series

The Just Multihull team is so proud of our very own Jason Waterhouse for his successful skipper debut on the Red Bull Extreme 40 racing catamaran winning the series in Singapore and receiving the Land Rover Above and Beyond Award.   Jason was unanimously awarded the Land Rover Above and Beyond Award from the committee in […]

Airplay Trimaran Successfully Debuts at Australian Multihull Nationals

Airplay 30 Sport in Australia… and Play We Did! The 2015 Australian Multihull Nationals held in Victoria during Geelong Race Week brought together the fastest and finest of Australia’s big multihulls to face-off and see just who is king.  The fleet included both catamarans and trimarans sporting the latest in development including canting rigs and […]

HH 66 Performance Cruising Catamaran, Genuine Dual Purpose – Seahorse Magazine 2014

How did Paul Hakes, a Kiwi boat builder, get HH Catamarans dream team together in Xiamen, China? Check out the article below for the full scoop on the passionate people behind the new performance cruising cat and what’s cutting edge in design build. “…Hakes feels they share a philosophy in boatbuilding: ‘Most boatbuilders and designers […]

HH 66 – Building in China, Multihulls Magazine

The HH 66 cruising catamaran gives a whole new meaning to “Made in China”. HH’s new super cat is another one of the latest and greatest boats coming from China setting new standards for performance build. Multihulls Magazine article “Building in China” in their Sep/Oct and Nov/Dec 2014 issues shed light on the production process […]

Always Buy Upwind

Increasingly Australians are looking to purchase multihulls internationally.  From experience, we can tell you that this is no longer a difficult exercise.  It is a path well trod and now accessible to the average aspiring blue water sailor looking for cruising catamarans for sale. Just Multihulls international expert Rod Waterhouse has some good news for […]